Friday, June 25, 2010

My thoughts

Well I have been wanting to start a blog solely to my inspirational thoughts and things gospel related that I have been pondering about.  I want to blog about this because I love it! And I feel very passionate about these things, as I know so many others are also!  I feel like we are always in need of being lifted up, life is so crazy and always pulling us in lots of different directions. We are always needing to be nourished, Gordon B. Hinkley said " There is a Hunger in the land, and a genuine thirst- a great hunger for the word of the Lord and an unsatisfied thirst for things of the spirit.... The world is starved for Spiritual food. Ours is the obligation and the opportunity to nourish the soul."  so check back often and please leave your thoughts.
~Love Allison

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