Saturday, August 21, 2010


"Motherhood is the one thing in all the world which most truly exemplifies the god-given virtues of creating and sacrificing. Though it carries the woman close to the brink of death, motherhood also leads her into the very realm of the fountains of life and makes her co-partner with the creator in bestowing upon eternal spirits mortal life." 
~David O. McKay

This is an amazing thought. I have been thinking alot about motherhood and how special and wonderful it is. Most of the day I am so busy with making sure everyone is fed, clean, happy, house cleaned, etc. To really sit and ponder the sweet honor it is to be called "mommy" over and over thoughout the day:) What a marvelous blessing!

"As we adjust our expectations closer to reality, we find that even if the ultimate reward of raising a child we are proud to lead back to our Heavenly Father still shimmers in the distance, we can RELAX MORE and enjoy what's happening now. We might still leave a lot to be desired when it comes to perfection, and so may the kids, but when we take it easy and don't tie ourselves into knots about it, there are still golden moments, and hours, and even long happy days when practically everything goes right and everyone charitably overlooks the rumples that don't."
~Beppie Harrison

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do your best

"We each do the best we can. My best may not be as good as your best, but it's my best. The fact is that we KNOW when we are doing our best and when we are not. If we are not doing our best, it leaves us with a gnawing hunger and frustration. But when we do our level best, we experience a PEACE."
~Marjorie Hinkley

I love this quote, there is so much truth to the fact that we know when we are trying our best. The problem I face is when I compare my "best" to "others Best's". I feel like: well so and so can do this and this and this, What is my problem? But my goal lately is to not compare, but to focus on my own personal best. And pray for that feeling of peace that comes with that accomplishment. 

Women can be so hard on themselves.  Why do we feel we are never good enough, pretty enough, perfect enough? Why do we always compare? I don't know for sure there are so many individual factors that come into play, but I do know it is a weakness of mine, and many other women I have talked to as well. I have been thinking alot about the word "perfect" I am sure there are many definitions for the word but one I saw was this:  "excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement"
 I like the thought of trying to be COMPLETE, more than perfect. We know that we cannot obtain perfection in this life, but we can strive to be complete in our lives, by doing our own personal best.