Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I wish I had known from the first moment of parenting what my father-in-law taught me. "Let 'YES' be your natural response rather than 'No,'" he counseled. I would like to have learned earlier to want to serve more as my children's "Facilitator" and less as their "Controller."  ~ Jaroldeen Edwards

I feel bad considering one of  my daughters first words was "no" :) I like the thought of not trying to be their controller.  I looked up the definition for facilitator and it is this: Someone who makes progress easier.
It is kind of a refreshing way to view parenthood:)
Hope your having a great day!

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  1. I totally love and agree with that! My husband Chuck taught me the same thing. he said something to the effect of "We are going to have to naturally say "no" to them so many times. Lets try to say yes to as much as possible.

    I really try to remember this and if i don't have a good reason to say no then just say yes, even if it means more work for me. And at times where a no answer is required i try and turn it into a yes...example: if they ask to play with play-doh at lunch time i try to say "yes, just after lunch" or "yes, but it will have to wait till tomorrow"\

    Thanks for the definition of the word Facilitator. LOVED THAT!