Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the Lords Errand

Thanks Shantell for the quotes today I really liked them and want to share  "The Lord doesn't put us through this test just to give us a test: He does it because the process will change us."  ~ Henry B. Erying

 He also said "The Lord always prepares a way for you to escape from the trails you will be given if you understand two things. One that you need to be on the Lord's errand. The second thing you need to understand is that the escape will almost never be out of the trial: It will usually be through it."


  1. I find these quotes so true in every trial and hardship! Through time, I believe that we all are able to recognize the change that took place through the process. With the Gospel of Jesus Christ in each of our lives we are able to see trial and our weaknesses become strong. We may struggle for a short time but in the end we are blessed beyond comprehension for our endurance! These quotes are so amazing and If you all know Allison well you know that this is how she lives! She is so optimistic and full of light! This blog is the best!

  2. Those are definitely quotes to remember when going through trials...our attitude really makes all the difference! Gosh I love Pres. Eyring! Thanks for sharing these Allison;)

  3. Allison, this is awesome! Love it!