Friday, March 4, 2011

Knowing, Loving, Accepting Yourself and Loving Others

*Wrote this about a year ago but wanted to post again :)

So I have been thinking about this topic the past couple days. Why is it that the natural man in so insecure? Why is it that we focus on the things that are wrong with ourselves and make them so huge!? Why can't we just love ourselves as God does? Well I was reading in a book called "And they were not ashamed" (yes it is a book on marriage and intimacy) but this particular section has to do with other things:) The Author states that if we don't develop sufficient love for ourselves, our life focus is on GETTING love instead of GIVING love. Another Christian Author Joe Beam wrote:

"Love your self if you want to learn how to love others. If you don't love yourself as God wants you to, the need for that self-love will become the diversion that interferes with intimacy with others. Your desire for love will loom so large it will overpower any effort you make to give love. But how do we put this self acceptance into practice? We do it by accepting the truth about ourselves."

This is so simple, I feel it has become part of our culture to get love instead of give it. How many people can I get to love me? Accept me? or think I am amazing at this or that? We measure our worth from how many love us? No that should not be the case! We should love ourselves, know that God loves us, and then love others. The scripture, "Love your neighbors as ourselves", is simply stating love your neighbor as God would love them. Love them not so they will love you in return but just love them because that is what God commands us to do.

These are simple things, and we all have heard it before, I am not saying anything new, sometimes it just helps to be reminded, so we can try a "little harder to do a little better", as Gordon B Hinkley would say.

So my prayer for all you today is to be a little kinder to yourself it is ok to be imperfect! You are loved more than you can comprehend by a Father in Heaven, his love for you will never end. Do you feel when you mess up he won't love you? It is not true! Pray to him, ask for his help and I promise you will feel his love. And  as you learn to truly love yourself you will find it easier to see others through Christs eyes.


  1. Thanks for this.......tears came to my eyes by the end! Hope all is well with you!!! Love to you!

  2. I am so grateful for you post this week! Your testimony has sealed this all together! It is all so true! Love is an action backed by a four-letter word.. You are incredible :)

  3. What a great reminder, thanks so much for posting this! and for creating this blog :)