Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"We are not just waiting for natural slow growth. We must move more rapidly. We must take things up a notch.  If we have to call down miracles or angels, then call them down. The drama is unfolding and we must do whatever it takes to ratchet up the work.... I feel an incredible burden of urgency.  I feel such a sense of urgency in my chest, I can hardly breath."

"Every dispensation begins with a vision. We must have a vision.  We are a church who dreams dreams. We are the church that HAS VISIONS.  We must BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. We must believe and build on what our forefathers have done.  We are just going to putter along, be average....until we wind up to the level when our heart is up in our throat and if we opened our eyes, we would expect to see angels... if this is God's work, and if he still lives, then the MIRACLES AND ANGELS ARE STILL THERE.  We must live up to our true potential.  God will bless us with whatever we need.  God wants us to just see what he sees and know what he knows.  He wants us to ratchet up the vision.  God is easy to please and hard to satisfy...."

~Elder Holland (mission presidents seminar, Paris France 2005)

This talk makes me want to get to work! Set aside all silly insecurities or trivial issues I am having and get to going! We are here for a reason! We are here to build up the kingdom of God! Where much is given much is required. I am so thankful to be a part of this work!

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  1. Amen,Amen,and Amen! These quotes are incredible! Building the kingdom is our duty,exaltation and eternal life in God's presence is our destiny. Thank you for sharing something so profound! Keep it up my friend :)!