Friday, January 27, 2012


This is taken from a talk that Elder Russell Nelson gave at my Grandma Turleys funeral. I wanted to share because it really opened my mind about Loved ones who have passed on, he said concerning Grandma and concerning all loved ones who have passed on:

"Now you sons and daughters be assured that she is still your mother and she can still mother you through the veil.  She is not far away.  Joseph F. Smith said this, "surely those who have passed beyond can see more clearly through the veil back here than is possible for us to see them from our sphere of action." I think that if we move and had our being in the presence of Heavenly messengers and of Heavenly beings we are not separated from them, we cannot forget them,  we do not cease to love them we always hold them in our hearts and memory and thus we are associated and united with them through ties we cannot break.  Those who have been faithful and have gone beyond can see us better than we can see them.  WE LIVE IN THEIR PRESENCE.  They see us. They solicit to our welfare they love us now more than ever.  Their desire for our well being must be greater than that which we feel for ourselves.  SO BE ALERT, be attentive, part of those promises about Heavenly angels being round about you to bear you up will be those angels you love most."

Whenever I read this it brings tears to my eyes, Oh how thankful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For the peace and comfort it can bring to saddened hearts. I miss Grandma Turley, but I know she is close. Also a couple of months ago I lost a dear Uncle of mine (Well he is Tyler's uncle but I claim him as my own:) Uncle Donny is a great man, I know alot of people were sad to see him go, He has a way of making others feel they are one of his most favorite people:) He was one of my zipper buddies (zipper buddy is one who has a scar from open heart surgery hence the zipper:) I wanted his family to know how much I love, admire, and respect them. They are all just like he is, amazing people. I know he is close to you, and there helping you just as he always has been.
And anyone else who has lost a loved one, they truly are round about. They love you more now than ever. I know this is true. What peace this knowledge can bring!

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  1. Who was your Grandma Turley? I am also a Turley descendant. Thanks for sharing this beautiful thought.