Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Pavilion Hall Canton Tx | East Texas #1 Pavilion Hall  Image
"Our own desires, rather than a feeling of "Thy will be done," create a feeling of a PAVILION blocking God.  God is not unable to see us or communicate with us, but we may be unwilling to listen or submit to His will and His time." (Where is the Pavilion; Henry B. Eyring)

There have been different times in my life where I feel distant from my Father in Heaven, I feel He is so far away, I realize it is usually when things aren't going as planned and I feel upset, sad, or mad at the situation. It is at these times that I need God the most. I want to work on not being so stubborn and realizing that this is the Lords way for me.  Yes easier said than done, but will make life so much easier:)

"We remove the Pavilion when we feel and pray, 'Thy will be done" AND "in Thine own time." His time should be soon enough for us since we know that He wants only what is best." (Where is the Pavilion; Henry B. Eyring)

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